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City of Zombies

City of Zombies is a fast, frantic and fun maths-by-stealth board game where players work together rolling and combining dice to defeat an advancing horde of Zombies!


City of Zombies has won both gaming and educational awards and is used in homes and schools around the world, it’s a brilliant way to help children improve their maths skills.

Cooperative play for 1-6 players. Ages 6-99
Recommended by National Numeracy

City of Zombies Overview

A quick introduction to City of Zombies, how to fight Zombies, defend your Barricade and use your BRAINS to Survive!

In Depth Teacher Review

In this video Canadian teacher Craig Thompson Wood shares his thoughts on maths game City of Zombies and gives some tips on how to play.

How to Play

City of Zombies is played over a number of rounds. Each round more Zombies appear on the board and begin shambling down towards the barricade!

Players must defend the Barricade until the Rescue Plane lands to win the game, but beware! If 6 Zombies are on the Barricade it’s Game Over.

Every round players take turns to roll the 3 battle dice to fight Zombies. The results can be used on their ownadded, subtracted, divided, or multiplied together to match a Zombie’s strength (shown in the bottom right of the card) when that happens the Zombie is defeated and removed from the board!

Clear the board of Zombies to save Survivors and score bonus points, but watch out! If a Zombie reaches the Barricade you’ll lose Survivors equal to the Zombie’s ‘Hunger’ shown in the top left corner of the card.

There are also Event cards, Item cards, Hero cards and Game Ending cards.
Check out what’s in the box to see more of what’s included!

Can playing City of Zombies really improve your maths?

Absolutely, and the more you play the better you get.

City of Zombies hides super strong maths lessons underneath an easy-to-play game of brain crunching fun.

We struggled when looking for maths games and resources to help our own kids because… well… everything we found was boring!

So many maths games are dull. We’ve seen dozens of blank grids with endless numbers on, confusing rules that make everybody feel stupid at the end, and a competitive nature that leaves struggling or unconfident children behind.

We developed City of Zombies to get around these problems, as we feel maths should be fun, inclusive, exciting, and interactive.

City of Zombies – The Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition of City of Zombies is packed full of cool new Aliens, Zombies, Items, Events and Heroes.

The Ultimate Edition features 4 levels of play: Beginner, Advanced, Expert and Master, as well an Apocalypse Mode which make the Zombies tougher, smarter and harder to defeat!

What People Say About City of Zombies

“City of Zombies gives children the motivation they need to learn maths and plenty of opportunities to practise and apply all of their number facts.

Fin McLaughlin
Maths Co-ordinator

“Possibly the best available way to practise arithmetic at home with your child in an enjoyable fashion. As a former maths teacher, I don’t say that lightly.”

Lucy Rycroft-Smith
Shuffle & Play

“City of Zombies is intuitive and easy for children to pick up, its beauty is that it becomes so involving for the players they don’t notice the maths. It’s teaching by stealth.”

Robin Brooks

“Refreshingly easy to set up and start playing. There’s enough going on for the kids to want to play it over and over again, and crucially, for the adults to enjoy it too.”

Michelle Davis
Learner Mother Blog

Aim of the game

Aliens & Zombies
Aliens & Zombies are controlled by the game, their mission is to reach the Barricade and ‘steal’ Survivors from the players.

The players objective is to stop Zombies reaching the Barricade. Hold them off until the Rescue Plane lands to win the game.

Bonus Objective: Save Survivors
If players clear the board of Zombies they can save more Survivors.

Survivors score bonus points if the players win, so the more Survivors saved the better your score.

Win a Zombie Maths Day at your school!

A day of maths fun that’s perfect for pupils of mixed ability. Years 2 – 6

Inventor and games designer Matthew Tidbury will visit your school for a day.
He’ll explain how his maths games work and play them with 4 to 5 classes of up to 30 pupils.

What’s In The Box?

  • 121 cards including Zombies, Heroes, Events and more
  • “Make Your Own” Cards
  • 3 Green Battle Dice
  • 1 Orange Plane Token
  • A Game Board
  • Clear Rules
  • Huge Maths Education Potential!

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