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Now available in America! It’s been getting some good reviews on Board Game Geek and is available from Barnes and Noble stores across the US, or order direct from Genius Games.


Praise for Outnumbered: Improbable Heroes

The math focused board game for families that is the game you need to buy

Let me be clear: this is not your normal roll and move mass market game and this isn’t your normal boring educational game. This is an actual game that gives you important decisions, an interesting theme, and a game that your children will enjoy. Your kids are going to have more fun with this educational game than any other educational game we have ever played.

Great co-op educational game for the family

Our first game – we went with “super easy” mode and only used 3 of the 5 columns. We won easily, but you could tell that the math ideas were slowly ramping up in the youngest’s mind. She started catching more and more as we went, and started telling me what I should do with my dice.

Outnumbered is a cooperative math game for 1-6 players. 

Waves of oncoming minions are advancing, each one showing a number on it. On each player’s turn, they will roll 3 dice, then use math operations and their “Hero Power” create the values shown on the minions, defeating them.

Players also have the opportunity to earn Bonus Cards by targeting specific minions, and must withstand Events that will increase the minion forces.

Minions will continue to appear and move down the board, defeating the players unless they are stopped in time. 

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