City of Zombies – Ultimate Edition. The game that makes maths fun!

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A fast & fun family board game that gets children doing maths without realising it. Improves mental maths speed and confidence in an engaging, entertaining and non-threatening way.
Brains: Roll and combine dice (using any maths you know) to defeat the Zombies, Alien Bosses and save Survivors!
Cooperative Play: Players are on the same side, working together to win!
4 Levels of play: Beginner, Advanced, Expert & Master.
Players: 1-6  Age: 6 to 96!  Playtime: 25 – 45mins


What is City of Zombies?
City of Zombies is a co-operative board game for 1 to 6 players.
Players take it in turn to roll and combine dice to stop wave after wave of advancing Zombies from reaching your barricade until a Rescue plane can land and you can make your escape.

How does it work?
Each Zombie has a target strength, this number tells you how strong the Zombie is. Players roll and combine dice to exactly reach a Zombies strength to defeat and remove it from play.
Players try to defeat as many Zombies as they can before the Zombies advance and a new wave appears.

How does it improve maths through play?
Players take it in turn to roll and combine their dice, in any way they can think of, to reach one or more Zombie’s strengths.
The game rewards players as their maths skills improve. For example they can simply add or subtract dice to defeat Zombies, but multiplying or divide dice and more Zombies can be hit and defeated. Learn to Power Up and Down dice (Squaring and Square Rooting) and you can start defeating some really strong Zombies with your dice.

Is it fun?
It’s great fun and quite addictive and with 4 difficulty levels it will entertain and engage older children too. There’s a lot of depth to gameplay with a wide range of Zombies to battle, Survivors to save, and events like ‘Surprise Attack’ or ‘Sudden Rush’ to deal with. Hero cards and Item cards help you fight Zombies and Game Ending cards which tell the story of your Glorious Victory or Horrible Defeat!

An illustrated Step by Step Rules booklet will have you playing in minutes.

Age: 6+
Key Stage: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Maths operations covered: + – x ÷ squaring, square roots, negative numbers and cubing.
Game Type: Board, Card, Dice, Partnership
Players: 1 to 6
Play Time: 25 – 45 mins

Additional information

Weight 1350 g
Dimensions 34 × 28 × 6 cm

3 reviews for City of Zombies – Ultimate Edition. The game that makes maths fun!

  1. David Wilson – Arc School Ansley

    The game’s central idea of defeating hordes of Zombies is a fantastic way to get students’ attention and the excellent illustrations on the board and playing cards added to its attraction. The basic rules are simple enough that all of our students could have a go, while the more able students delighted in stretching their arithmetic skills to finding some of the more tricky numbers.

    The zombies are defeated by using dice scores along with the basic arithmetic operations to make the numbers appearing on each zombie card. The game aspect of this makes arithmetic practice much more fun than just sitting down practising times tables and even students who are generally reluctant to join in maths lessons were getting stuck in to the game and suggesting methods for hitting the target numbers.

    I particularly like the ability to ‘power up’ (square) and ‘power down’ (square root) your answers; a great way to practise these important skills and help students to remember what they mean.

    Whereas most games involve competition against each other, ‘City of Zombies’ has the players working together against the board. This allowed less confident members of the class to join in without having as much pressure on them. It was also very interesting to see the leadership skills of some our students as they suggested strategies to their teammates.

    We bought some copies of ‘City of Zombies’ and ‘Times Square’ to keep in school and they are now regularly requested by the students during maths lessons and free time. It’s great to see how the students’ number skills are improving while doing something they enjoy.

    In conclusion, I find ‘City of Zombies’ to be an excellent addition to the maths classroom. The students are improving their arithmetic, logic and teamwork skills and having great fun while doing so.

  2. Teresa

    This is a fantastic game which you can make harder (by using different level of cards) or easier depending on the age of your children.

  3. Rachel

    Great learning but real fun too!

    I am a teacher in a primary school and we have now bought 12 copies of this game. The kids love playing it. We don’t really mention that it’s Maths and they see it as a treat so everyone is happy! Buy it ….

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