Apocalypse Mode – for real Superheroes!

Apocalypse Mode makes Zombies and Alien Bosses more powerful!

In Apocalypse Mode you use the icons that appear along the bottom of the Zombie’s card. Each icon gives the Zombies a special ability.

You can Play with any or all of these icons active in your game.

Green icons

Green icons come into play during STEP 1 when Zombies spawn.


When two Zombies with a Plus icon Spawn next to each other deal out an extra Zombie card.

Note: This Zombie features two Plus icons, so deal an extra Zombie card out when he appears.


When two or more Zombies with the Triangle icon Spawn next to each other move these Zombies one step forward.

Note: The Zombie Dog has two Triangle icons, meaning he will advance one step.

Any Zombies that spawn next to the Zombie Dog when it appears, that also have a Triangle icon would move forward as well.


A circle with a number in it means that you must deal out this number of Zombie cards when Spawning Zombies.

Rescue Plane

Any alien bosses or Zombies in play with this icon prevent the rescue plane from advancing as normal at the end of the round.


Blue icons

Blue icons come into play when fighting Zombies.


We call Zombies with a shield icon ‘Blocker Zombies’ because they stop you from hitting any Zombies that are directly behind them. You have to defeat Blocker Zombies before you can hit any Zombies behind them.


Zombies with a Target icon can be hit as normal but absorb any remaining dice, preventing you from targeting or defeating any other Zombies on your turn.

Speech bubble

Players are not allowed to talk when fighting Zombies.

Ideas for using dice can be written down using pen and paper.

If any players make a sound then all Zombies in play advanced one step forward towards the barricade, so be quite!


If you are playing with Item Cards, any items collected cannot be used if one or more Zombies with a hand symbol icon are in play.

Times Sqaure 

In the Times Square game some Zombies have additional icons, here’s what these mean:

Dice Icon – You need to use more than one dice to defeat this Zombie.

Up Arrow – At the start of the Round, when Zombies Spawn, fill any empty spaces directly behind this Zombie with additional Zombie cards.

Zombie Stacks

When you are playing in Apocalypse Mode the rules can cause Zombies to move forward into a space already occupied by another Zombie, if this happens then Zombies stack up on top of one another. This ‘Zombie Stack’ moves forward as one.

When fighting Zombies in a Zombie Stack players may choose to target any of the Zombies in the stack. Alternatively, players can decide that only the top zombie visible in a stack can be targeted and defeated.

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