City of Zombies Times Square – a brain crunching times table game

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A complete mini-game which works in a similar way to City of Zombies. Times Square focuses on teaching players their Times Table in fun and entertaining way, through play! Players roll and combine dice to defeat invading Aliens and Zombies! Find and use items to help you win. 3 games in one with multiple ways to play included. Times Square can also be used to expand your copy of City of Zombies.


Times Square – The Zombies are multiplying… divide and conquer!

  • Apply, practice and learn the 12 times tables while you play.
  • Use the maths you know to battle Zombies and pick up new skills from other players.
  • Cooperative gameplay encourages players to work together and help each other to win.
  • Works with players of mixed maths ability.
  • Item cards modify your dice rolls and even change the rules!
  • Makes maths fun.

Recommended by
National Numeracy

Best Numeracy Game
Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards
Winner 2016

1-6 Players
Age 7+
Developed with the help of Children, Teachers, Parents and Gamers.
Colourblind friendly


Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 9.2 × 13 × 2.2 cm

1 review for City of Zombies Times Square – a brain crunching times table game

  1. Laura Teauge – Secondary Maths Teacher

    Times Square is a brilliantly designed game that truly helps children practice and develop number fluency skills in a way that is interesting and engaging. It’s one of the only maths games I have played with students that actually balances fun with maths, and has the students engaged for a full lesson!

    One of the best things about the game is the way in which you can easily and instantly differentiate. There are several different play modes included with the instructions, which have hints for ways to make the games easier or harder. A really easy way to test student understanding in the moment is to require them to use all dice, with extra zombie penalties if they don’t use all dice. Alternatively, if students are finding it more difficult, they don’t have to use all the dice, or give them one re-roll of any one/two dice.

    Even more beneficial, is that this game is designed to be co-operative, which allows students to support each other, and work together. This is especially useful for groups with confidence issues, and those students who don’t react well to being under pressure. With the right size groups (3 or 4 students) this works well, and groups work against each other to kill the most zombies in a certain time limit. Alternatively, to stretch more able groups, students work individually and try and best each other, which develops their ability to manipulate numbers further as they try to kill zombies that have the most ‘survivor points’ scores.

    Overall, this is one of the most successful maths games I have used with a broad range of secondary maths groups, and a range of ability levels. I would definitely recommend trying this with any ability level you have, number fluency can’t be more central to the new curriculum that we’re working from, and this is an ideal, non-repetitive way to practice it. Thank you Times Square!

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