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GameFlow Guide

Learn to play as you play!

Simply follow the STEP-BY-STEP instructions one step at a time AS YOU PLAY and our unique GameFlow Guide will teach you how to play City of Zombies without having to read the rules!

A GameFlow Guide is included in every new copy of City of Zombies.

How to Fight Zombies

Each player takes it in turn to fight Zombies by rolling the three battle dice.

You can defeat a Zombie using 1, 2 or all 3 dice.

Dice can be combined in the following ways:


Players can add two or even all three dice together.


Players can subtract dice from each other.

Multiply or Divide

Dice can be multiplied or divided together.

Dice Combos

Build combos with 2 or 3 dice using difference maths operations.

Targeting Wheel

A handy hint that shows number combos to reach a Zombie’s strength

Take it to the next level

Dice can be Powered up and down, a useful skill to master. Powering up dice allows you to target and remove more Zombies on your turn.

4 x 4 = 16

(2 + 3 = 5) 5 x 5 = 25

6 x 6 = 36

√4 = 2

So you can see a roll of 4 is really useful…
It can be used as a 4, powered up to 16, or powered down to a 2!

City of Zombies

How to Play FAQ’s

How many cards are there in the game?

In total there are 121 cards.
Each card has a unique identifier in the lower right hand border starting with CZ

How many Level 2 Zombie cards are there?

There are 4 Level 2 Zombie cards numbered 16, 25, 36 and 32.
These cards are designed to introduce the concept of Powering up (Squaring) and Powering down (Square Root) you can find out more about this here and in the Rule booklet that comes with the game.

I have an old copy of City of Zombies how can I upgrade?

You can easily upgrade an old copy of City of Zombies to the Ultimate Edition by buying an Upgrade Deck here.
The Upgrade Deck replaces ALL the cards from your old game.

When dealing out new Zombie cards where do they go?

Zombies are attracted to the noise of the Rescue Plane. When it is ‘flying over’ the City, new Zombies spawn on the City row, when it is ‘flying over’ the Road, hew Zombies spawn on the Road, and when the Plane is on its final approach Zombies spawn on the Fileds row.
Just remember at the start of the game the Zombies always begin on the City row at the very top of the board.

How do Events work?

Events are shuffled into the Zombie Deck and will come out at random during the game when spawning Zombies.
When an Event appears finish spawning any remaining Zombie cards, then immediately deal with any Events in the order they appeared. Follow the instructions printed on the card.
When finished with, Events are placed in the Zombie Graveyard.

What happens when the Zombie Deck is empty?

Once the Zombie Deck is empty take all the cards from the Zombie Graveyard (also known as the Discard Pile), give them a good shuffle, they now become the new Zombie Deck.

How do Items work?

Items appear on Level 3 Zombie cards and above. Like Event cards they will appear at random. When an Item appears any player can take it. Items can be kept and used at any time by any player, then discarded into the Zombie Graveyard.

What happens if all the Zombies on the board are defeated?

You’ve cleared a path from the City to your Safe Zone and can save some Survivors! Take the top 4 cards from the Survivor Deck and place them face up in your Safe Zone.
Next move the Rescue Plane one step closer to landing (if it lands you’ve won). Spawn 6 Zombies level with the plane and pass the three dice to the next player who take their turn as normal.
If it was the last player who cleared the board of Zombies, then the Round will end as normal. Move the Plane close to land (again), move newly spawned Zombies down one row, and then spawn a new wave of Zombies, give the dice to the first player.

What happens when a Zombie reaches the Barricade

1. Zombies will move onto any empty space along the Barricade.
2. Once on the Barricade that Zombies is stuck and will not move again.
3. The Zombie will stay on the Barricade until it is removed by a player defeating it or an Item, Event card or Hero’s special ability removes it.

Can I double or halve dice rolls?

No, unless a Item or Hero’s special move allows you to, for example the Binoculars.

Do I have to use all three dice.

Yes. But you can adjust this rule for younger players in their first few games.

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